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Cândida Mariá expresses the versatility of the modern woman, with all of her charm, style and attitude, at work and at play. Dress in glamorous comfort, portraying to the world your tropical beauty through body and soul.

Cândida Mariá is an innovative clothing designer and manufacturer headquartered in Uberlândia, Brazil. Cândida Mariá specializes in Women’s Tanks, Dolmans and Leggings made of Supplex and Viscose. Supplex offers the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fiber technology. Supplex garments are breathable, strong, hold their shape, dry faster than cotton and retain their color. Viscose garments are soft and comfortable, silky in quality and yet absorbent and elastic, making for an easy-to-wear piece that always looks fresh.

Cândida Mariá’s craftsmanship is absolutely phenomenal while their pieces contour and compliment the body. The garments are extremely versatile and can be worn in the work place, to restaurants, on nightly outings and just about any other daily activity. Our expert designers follow global fashion trends while keeping the Brazilian soul in designs exclusive to Cândida Mariá.

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